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Self Storage Brisbane will help you maintain and protect your goods while in storage by using packing products such as Cartons and boxes, porta-robes, wrapping paper, tape and plastic covers.

Always fill boxes to capacity because partially full or bulging boxes may collapse. Pack books flat not on edge. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes for ease of handling.

Self Storage Brisbane recommends to Pack and label cartons room by room to make unpacking easier, if you have to find something while in storage you will know where to look.

Storage South BrisbaneFurniture

To prevent structural damage Self Storage Brisbane recommends that you always empty wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Pack clothing and personal goods in strong clean cartons with napthalene, mothballs or similar product to keep in good condition.

To prevent damage and save space remove the legs from furniture such as bed bases, tables, etc. To prevent the attraction of vermin vacuum lounges prior to storage.


Self Storage Brisbane recommends that you ensure fridges, freezers and other white goods are totally dry and clean prior to storage. Secure doors slightly ajar and place deodoriser inside fridges and freezers to keep fresh remember to prevent damage and marking do not place anything on shelves.

Storing metal or anything made of metal

To help retard rust wipe chrome or iron or cast iron surfaces with a light oil. Wrap silver in non acid tissue paper or plastic to reduce tarnishing

Electrical items

Self Storage Brisbane recommends Electrical equipment is delicate and requires care. Where possible repack in original boxes, if not wrap individually in bubble wrap, pack in cartons, pack out any gaps and seal the top.

Battery operated items

Self Storage Brisbane recommends that you always remove the batteries to prevent damage to the item from battery leakage.


Computers need special care original packing is best, but bubble wrap and good quality cartons will do the job. For extra protection use packing in top and bottom of carton and pack out gaps.

Self Storage Brisbane recommends that modern computers have “self parking heads” but if unsure refer to manufacturers manual or consult the retailer especially if storing for longer than six months.

Petrol or diesel driven machines  

To reduce the risk of leakage, spillage and damage to other goods as well as reducing the risk of fire, ALWAYS drain fuel and oil from all machinery.

Storage South Brisbane, Save money and time

Self Storage Brisbane recommends to get the most into your space place the large heavy items that you can stack upon at rear of space, then work upwards and forwards with lighter, fragile items. The items you may want to get at place at front of space.

Remember packing in professional storage cartons and marking what they contain will make the storing and packing quicker,safer, Self Storage Brisbane says save your time while maintaining the condition of the goods and making it easier to find items.

Moving check list from Storage South Brisbane

Power, gas and telephone will need to be disconnected and reconnected. Contact your local Post Office for mail redirection. Cancel any deliveries e.g. bread, milk, papers.

Self Storage Brisbane recommends to notify change of address to Dept Motor Transport for vehicle registrations and licenses, Taxation Office, Electoral Office, Insurance Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Centrelink for pensions, family payments etc., Educational Institutions, Medicare, RACQ, Club memberships and any Subscriptions you might have.

Warning! – We Do Not Store (and we will not accept)

Goods that are dangerous, inflammable, hazardous, environmentally harmful, perishable, stolen or illegal, or that is a risk to person or property e.g. acid, petrol, chlorine or paint are not to be stored at Self Storage Brisbane facility.

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