About Us

  • We are a small family company, who have spared no expense in our construction costs to give you the strongest, safest, most secure storage possible.
  • While nearly all storage places are made of cheap tin we have built vaults, 6 inch concrete floor, walls are 6 inch concrete blocks filled with concrete and steel, ceilings are 6 inch concrete with double rows of steel. No place is stronger or more secure.
  • A1 Budget Self Storage was built 14 years ago and so to keep up to date and give the best security for our clients, in June 2019 the latest security measures were added with an increase in the number of CCTV cameras and alarms fitted. We now have the latest technology to protect our client’s goods.
  • IN 14 years of service we have had no claims or incidents, which is something not many self storage places can say with flooding, fires and break ins at a number of places.
  • We are on a hill flood free, fireproof plus have the latest in security but our secret weapon is our resident manager living on site with her family. Come in meet Julie who goes the extra mile for our customers, without any hard sell just a really nice service orientated lady.
  • We are not as big as some of the large storage places but we are the biggest on service.
  • We have many businesses using our services and we have a forklift to unload or load goods for them, we also receive shipments on their behalf and can if needed dispatch on their behalf also. Much cheaper than using your own staff or hiring premises.
  • Starting a business? We can assist with any of the above services.
  • A1 for service.
  • Budget priced on our fees.
  • Self Storage We are the best .
  • Think A1 on M1.
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