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Just off the M1, Beenleigh. 25 mins from Brisbane CBD & 35 mins from Gold Coast.


Boxes & Padlocks.

A1 Budget Self Storage

Only 25 mins from Brisbane City just off Exit 34.

As you come off the roundabout see the 7 Eleven and our sign next door just turn in the driveway.

A1 Budget Self Storage have all your needs covered, easy access, friendly customer service, secure premises.

We are also not far from Gold Coast. If you need space for a move or just to clear the clutter. Check out the prices, we offer very affordable  and cheap storage fees.

storage units on site

What packaging materials are available?

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cartons
  • Sundries
  • Mattress covers, wrapping paper, packing tape and more.
  • From porta-robes to tea chests as well as many other sizes.
  • Many types available, ask the office today!
packing boxes and bubble wrap

How secure is A1 Budget Self Storage?

The design and construction in thick concrete walls and roof of A1 Budget Self Storage provides maximum security and peace of mind.

Some of the features Storage Brisbane includes are:

  • 14 years no claims, break-ins, or floods
  • Business and private goods stored safely.
  • Onsite resident manager.
  • Thick reinforced concrete construction (not tin).
  • 24 hour recorded camera surveillance with the very latest CCTV, Just installed using the most advanced equipment.
  • You are the only key holder with your own lock.
  • Front entry alarmed and public access restricted.
  • Security fencing and floodlights.
  • High on a hill and flood free.
  • Best value for your money in anywhere look at our reviews.

Do you offer insurance?

All items stored at our facility are not covered for loss or damage however insurance can be arranged for you at competitive rates.

Insurance available from $1 per month per $1000 cover or contact the insurance company of your choice.

Will my household policy cover me?

Ask your insurance company, never assume your existing policy will automatically cover your stored goods.

How safe are my items stored at your facility?

We have incorporated nearly every security measure and taken the best possible care at storing your items. Sadly there are no guarantees in life, where incidents of an accidental or a deliberate nature happen. Customers are strongly recommended to purchase there own insurance.

Our state of the art security, onsite manager and the superior thick reinforced concrete construction used in our facility are the reason that A1 Budget Self Storage have never had an incident in 10 years of trading.

Storage Brisbane competition use cheap flimsy tin in their construction which we all know is a cheap way to build and offers very little security great for chook sheds but not so great for security plus being hot in summer and cold in winter.

Try us for your Storage Brisbane needs, A1 on the M1.

A1 Budget Self Storage dedicated to your needs, central, strong, secure and affordable, contact us today.

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